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Создание своего сервера в KalOnline. (ENG)
Server Setup Guide

Download all files listed below on downloads page.
-Server Files
-Old KalOnline Client
-BakaBug Updater or Kal Launcher
-DB File
-AUTH File

Install MSSQL 2000. Leave everything as default. (But, you may want to change few things).


You should name your server!

Now, open Enterprise Manager and open the tree list until you see the tree folder: Database.

Right click on it and select New Database.

Name it kal_auth. Do the same for kal_db.

Now, right click on kal_auth database and go to All Tasks -> Restore Database. Then, click on From Device and then click on Select Device. Now, click on Add then find and select AUTH file you downloaded. Now, click OK twice.

Do the same with kal_db and DB file.

Now, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools* -> Data Sources (ODBC).

*Or Performance and Maintenance -> Adminstrative Tools

Click on System DSN and click Add.

Select SQL Server in the dropdown box. (At the bottom)

Name it KAL_AUTH and in the last dropdown box, select your database.

Click next twice and check Change the default database to and select KAL_AUTH. Click Next, Finish, then OK.

Repeat for KAL_DB.

After that, install the old KalOnline client and put all files from BakaBug Updater in that KalOnline folder. Remember to NEVER click on KalOnline.exe since it will update the old client to current client and mess it up.

In server.ini file, edit the IP to your IP. To find your IP, go to this site: http://whatismyip.org

Now, go to the server files. Open KalAuth program and enter your database login. (Default is sa/)

Now, open KalDB program, then MainSvr program.

Your server should be running up!

IMPORTANT To enable saving, open Item, allow NULLs in XAttack and lower.

If you have problems connecting to your server, these could be the solution:

-Change server.ini file to your IP.

-Run Start->Program Files->MSSQL2000->Service Manager. Click play (unless its already on)

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